How do you know when therapy will help?

There are many times in our lives when therapy is the most helpful and expedient thing you can do to feel better. I help people who are experiencing a wide range of challenges to work through their issues and feel better, discover the meaning in their experience, enjoy personal growth, and nurture their authentic selves. I also work with those who want to live more mindfully and consciously, and therapy helps find the most meaningful path.

When you’re feel confused and disconnected, therapy can be very helpful

You may be saying to yourself: “Is this it? I struggle to feel a sense of purpose in my life. Like I don’t really know myself or what I am meant to be doing.” Or: “I have all of these overwhelming emotions that come up more and more frequently recently, while at the same time I feel sad or disconnected from people a lot.” Or: “I have just experienced a major loss and feel as though the world does not make sense anymore.“

Therapy for depression, grief and loss, if these are weighing you down

You may be saying to yourself:  “I am struggling with a serious illness and am facing issues of my own mortality. The idea of death and preparing for this event are ever more on my mind or imminent.”

When you want to unlock the meaning of your dreams... or when searching for a more conscious or spiritual life

You may be saying to yourself: “I have a religious tradition that resonates for me, but would like to figure out how to bridge my spiritual and psychological life better. I don’t like how separate my spiritual life feels from the rest of my life.” Or:  “I am at a point where I want a more connected and spiritual emphasis in my life, but nothing that I have tried so far has seemed to fit.”

When you want support to keep your life moving in the right direction

You may be saying to yourself: “Things are moving well for me and I want to ensure that I am staying focused on knowing myself and reflecting on how I am moving through my day to day life to make sure that I am making the right choices for myself.” Or: “Being in therapy helps me to be a more grounded, emotionally accessible person. This is a daily process and I benefit from regular attention to it.”





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